Union Street Pottery is a bright and happy studio in Halifax’s north end where I provide classes and workshops to students of all ages and levels. It’s also a home for my memory-based ceramics. Working primarily with red earthenware, I carve images of the past into the clay, interwoven with reminiscences of my travels and a sense of freedom and playfulness. Working with slip cast molds, old photos, and decals, I aim to acknowledge the beauty of remembering and joyfully wandering alone. My stoneware work provides balance to my more nostalgic work, residing firmly in the present as I explore form and function, glaze and reaction, and the interplay of colour and texture.

Born and raised on the prairies, I am a NSCAD graduate and founder of Turnstile Pottery Cooperative. I have been making ceramic work, teaching pottery, and remembering beautiful things since 2000.

Andrea Puszkar, Halifax NS